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We partnered with our sister company Coucou French Classes to offer you an opportunity to deepen your learning experience in real life
By joining this 5-week “Short film series with 6pm in Paris”, you will:
  • Discover French cinema through 5 short films curated by 6pm in Paris
  • Have access to our original “After Shorts” companion videos, that break down expressions and vocab used in the short films
  • Master 128 idiomatic expressions
  • Practice them in live classes with Coucou certified teachers
Your 5-week program
Before each class,  watch the short film and accompanying “After Short” and read the handout at home.
 WEEK 1 
Le magasin des compliments Poster
Le magasin...
2022, 10 min.
 WEEK 2 
Sweet Dreams Poster
Sweet Dreams
2022, 3 min.
After Shorts Sweet Dreams
 WEEK 3 
Troc Mort Poster
Troc mort
2017, 14 min.
Coming May 30th
 WEEK 4 
Chanel et moi Poster
Chanel et moi
2019, 6 min.
Coming May 15th
 WEEK 5 
13 Euros Poster
13 Euros
2023, 3 min.
13 Euros After Shorts