13 Euros

Directed by Guillaume Courty and Bertrand Goncalves
France, 2023, 3 min.
End of diner at the restaurant, everyone paid their share but 13 euros are missing. Sclose side barhall we split?
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13 Euros

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Vocab & expressions
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Cultural References
Vocab & expressions
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About this film

Synopsis (fr)
Au cœur de Paris, un dîner apparemment banal entre amis dans un café se transforme rapidement en une exploration inattendue des dilemmes modernes. L'humour et la tension se heurtent alors qu'ils débattent sur la trivialité du partage de l'addition, révélant des couches plus profondes d'ambition, d'amitié et d'attentes sociétales.
Synopsis (en)
In the heart of Paris, a seemingly mundane dinner among friends at a café quickly spirals into an unexpected exploration of modern dilemmas. Humor and tension collide as they debate over the triviality of splitting the bill, uncovering deeper layers of ambition, friendship, and societal expectations
Direction: Guillaume Courty, Bertrand Goncalves; Production: Guillaume Courty; Screenplay: Bertrand Goncalves; Image: Marc Stef; Sound: Kévin Olivier; Editing: Guillaume Courty; Cast: Basile Alaimalais, Laurence Facelina, Bertrand Goncalves, Pierre Launay, Marc Maurille, Laëtitia Vercken