Le Magasin des compliments

Directed by Titouan Laporte
France, 2022, 10 min.
Romain's compliment store, where customers boost spirits by purchasing or gifting compliments, faces a challenge when a skeptical customer questions the store's purpose.
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Le Magasin des compliments

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About this film

Synopsis (fr)
Romain a récemment ouvert un magasin de compliments. Les différents clients viennent pour s'y ressourcer, retrouver le sourire, le moral en s’achetant un compliment ou simplement pour en offrir un à leurs proches. Mais tout va basculer lorsqu'un client particulier va entrer dans le magasin, remettant en question la vision de son propre travail...
Synopsis (en)
Romain recently opened a compliment store. Different customers come in to recharge their batteries, to smile and cheer up by buying a compliment or simply to give one to their loved ones. But everything is about to change when a particular customer enters the shop, questioning the vision of his own work...
Direction:Titouan Laporte; Production: Titouan Laporte; Image: Titouan Laporte; Sound: Timothée de Sereville; Editing: Titouan Laporte; Soundtrack: Igor Dvorkin; Cast: François-Dominique Blin, Wally Bajeux, David Chenaud, Abtin Dolatin, Mathilde Guzzo, Charles Halphen, Shams Hegab-Cavelier, Anaïs Hua, Eric Jakobiak, Jean-Paul Loyer, Laly Meignan