Directed by Malo Maëlle Vauchel
France, 2021, 11 min.
On their wedding day, Charly feels disconnected from their white dress and later, a masculine costume, neither reflecting their true self. Amidst a battle with clothing and gender norms, time is running out.
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About this film

Synopsis (fr)
Charly va se marier, c’est le grand jour. Face au miroir dans sa robe blanche, Charly n’est pas à l’aise, cette robe ne lui correspond pas. Charly essaye un costume, son attitude change, se masculinise. Mais cette tenue ne lui ressemble toujours pas. Les vêtements et les genres s’emmêlent, l’heure tourne.
Synopsis (en)
Charly's getting married, it's the big day! Facing the mirror in their white dress, Charly's not comfortable, this dress doesn't suit them. Charly tries on a costume, their attitude changes, becomes more masculine. But this outfit still doesn't look like them. Clothes and genres get tangled up, the clock is ticking.
Direction: Malo Maëlle Vauchel; Image: Eva Bedon; Sound: Arthur Vervier-Dasque; Editing: Amélie Bonfils; Soundtrack: Debout sur le Zinc