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Dive into French cinema with our carefully handpicked French short films. Then, get deeper insights with “After Shorts,” our talk show that breaks down the lingo and references, making it feel like you're watching with a French friend.
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Sweet Dreams Poster
Sweet Dreams
2022, 3 min.
13 Euros Poster
13 Euros
2023, 3 min.
Troc Mort Poster
Troc mort
2017, 14 min.
Chanel et moi Poster
Chanel et moi
2019, 6 min.
Le magasin des compliments Poster
Le magasin des compliments
2022, 10 min.
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Coming May 2024
Sauce piquante Poster
Sauce piquante
2023, 8 min.
Cabane Poster
2022, 11 min.
Vous avez un match Poster
Vous avez un match
2021, 9 min.
Telmah Poster
2022, 15 min.
La Grinta Poster
La Grinta
2023, 4 min.
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Lorraine ne sait pas chanter Poster
Lorraine ne sait pas chanter
2016, 22 min.
Voice Ever Poster
Voice Ever
2023, 13 min.