Beta: explained

Being in “beta” means that our product is still in development and that we are in the early days of creating it all. We are very grateful to have you with us, and we are excited to build the platform of your dreams! 
With your feedback and the data we gather, we'll keep making our content and platform better and better, aiming to give our users the best experience possible.
At this stage, we would love for you to watch and enjoy all of our content regardless of your level of French. We carefully crafted our videos so that there's always a way for you to enjoy them, no matter your level of proficiency in French!
Please note that during this beta phase, we do not offer customer support. However, your input is invaluable to us. For any suggestions, or comments, we encourage you to use the feedback forms available on the platform. In case of major technical issues, feel free to reach out to us here.
 Where we are right now 
  • We’ve produced our first series “French Commands: a journey through the Imperative Mood”, with videos released on roll-out basis.
  • We're working on the next series to be released
  • We are actively fundraising. Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to be part of 6pm in Paris in a financial capacity!
 What to expect in the near future 
  • Public launch in late 2024 with 100+ videos
  • New content released periodically as it becomes available*
*Release of new content will automatically be made available to you at no extra cost for a year from the time of sign-up (no action necessary on your part)